What are ten truths everyone should accept in life?

April Hunter on Quora. Author, Model, Entrepreneur & Mental Health Advocate.

I don’t know if I have 10, but I have a few.

1. If you make the easiest choices, you’ll live a hard life. If you make the hard choices, you will live an easy life. Many people take the path of least resistance…and pay for it later. Not having lived their dream, not having “gone for it”, dropping out of school or classes, etc.

2. Sex isn’t love. Chemistry isn’t compatibility. In a relationship, a lot of things matter far more than love and chemistry. That’s why arranged marriages work and marriages for love often do not.

3. Infidelity isn’t limited to sex. There can be emotional, addiction, or financial infidelity, too. Any DECEPTION is infidelity. Conversely, when someone is (sexually) cheated on, it’s the deception and lies that hurt the most.

4. People are inherently self-centered.

5. Stop worrying about what people think. They don’t give a damn about you. They don’t think about you at all. Don’t lose valuable time or life over what others think.

6. Dogs are better than humans. They don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

7. Despite #6 & #4, humans are inherently good. Or, at least NOT inherently bad. They want to be decent. Don’t believe the news. The news earns money when people tune in. So, they give us violence and train wrecks to keep us glued to the screen. Makes the advertisers happy. But, not us.

8. Go by his/her actions…not their words. Talk is cheap. Actually, it’s free. Actions tell you everything you need to know.

9. Mental health matters. Taking care of your mental health should absolutely be a priority. Sometimes saying “I can’t, I’m busy” might mean that you’re sorting out your own feelings, or taking some recharging time away from everyone. That’s okay.

10. There’s a difference between REACTING and RESPONDING. The first is done by the emotionally immature. The latter is when you take a moment, some time…to read everything, watch the entire thing, absorb the article, and research the source material-not just skim a headline. Take a breath, hear the entire story…and respond. It can save marriages, friendships, careers, and lives.

Oh, look. I did make it to 10. Yay! Here are a few more:

11. Ladies, if you want to know if he “likes” you, ask him to do something. A favor, help you with something… If he makes time to do it, then yes, he probably LIKES you.

12. Take care of your body and start doing that while you’re young. Once you get past the age of 28, people age at vastly different rates. Filters, my dear, won’t follow you or your aching knees around. You can look and feel amazing at age 50, or you can look and feel like a haggard, wheezing great grandmother who has one foot in the grave. You have to have a healthy lifestyle.

13. Some will say they want a relationship, but they don’t. They just want their needs met.

14. Not choosing to have kids is something most people without children don’t seem to regret. They are happy.

15. Too many people are afraid to be alone…alone with the quiet, alone with their thoughts, alone with themselves. They constantly need to be distracted. This fear causes a lot of problems for them and those around them.

16. Be grateful for every shitty situation and fucked up experience you’ve been through. It’s a valuable lesson and it’s made you stronger. 

17. Bad decisions make GREAT stories.


Author: themuseherself

I'm a girl trying to find her way...and enjoy the ride along the way.

5 thoughts on “What are ten truths everyone should accept in life?”

  1. Hmm… I’m trying to figure out what the keystroke is for exponential numbers on a Mac keyboard. And, being an addle-pated doofus, I’ve failed. Anyway, please consider my initial point to be ‘Brilliant to the power of kajillion’. (When’s that podcast coming again? When I think of this possibility, I always think of Brooke Ence: https://youtu.be/pOboyOrHyKM )

    As I was reading, I was immediately making mental notes as to what I’d have to offer. Keeping in mind my previous self-applied label, and that some of these are merely re-definitions of some of yours, here we go:

    -‘We’re hard-wired to Love.’ (Thank you Louie Schartzberg)

    -‘It ain’t real until you kiss ’em.’ (When dealing with online-hookups/relationships.)

    -Aging is a war. You need to gird yourself to go into battle prepared on several fronts. Health. Fitness. Financially. Intimacy. ( I have my own definitions and guidance for each.)

    -Yeah, ‘True character is revealed in what a person does, not in what they say.’ (This is a writer’s maxim.)

    -‘Life’s not fair. It’s just fairer than Death.’ (Thank you William Goldman.)

    -‘What other people think of me is none of my business.’

    -‘The main difference between ‘wooing’ and ‘stalking’ is the woman’s interest.’

    -I’m still debating this one: https://time.com/5930844/love-your-work-capitalism/

    -‘Tell them how you feel.’ (Current graffiti trend in my neck of the woods.)

    -In that same family: ‘Ask them how you can help. And then LISTEN.’

    -You can NEVER tell someone you love (and that love you) that you love them, too much.

    -Don’t hesitate to try to ‘go deep’ in conversation with people you already have relationships with. That is, to plumb your true connections, to venture out of what often amounts to the realm of ‘small talk’. (I never did with my family. I don’t so much regret this, but mourn it.)

    -And finally, words my late brother wrote to me years and years ago: ‘If you go about trying to do the things you’d like to look back on having accomplished, you’ll never suffer from regret…only fatigue.’

    P.S. I reserve the right to add more once I’ve had my usual allotment of coffee. : )


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