Gimme A Minute…OK. Two.

Chapter Two is coming. So are Three, Four and Five. I have many, many notes already written. The issue is: my mom just died. And there’s a LOT to deal with surrounding this shitty event, including quite a bit of travel.  So, this is what I’m doing  right now. I don’t want to post just anything, full of typos and screw ups because I’m sad, rushed and drinking too much wine.

-You deserve better than that. And, I can DO better than that.



Author: themuseherself

I'm a girl trying to find her way...and enjoy the ride along the way.

4 thoughts on “Gimme A Minute…OK. Two.”

  1. You are doing better .You are a strong woman with lots of wisdom .Theres nothing wrong with what your doing right now .you are doing the BEST you can do


  2. Interesting! I’ve researched and have also been told that blogging sometimes, can be good therapy. Your self motivation is impressive Ms. Hunter. I wouldn’t worry about the wine. The antioxidants are good for you. Wine in moderation never hurt anyone. Lambrusca is my choice of said poison… Ooorah…


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