April Delivers the Write Stuff

This was sent to me by another writer and I thought it was very, very neat, so I reposted it.

The Adventures of A Mixed Wrestler

April Hunter

To paraphrase Bono, it’s no secret that aspiration bites the nails of success. And, if I had one aspiration for my blog, it would be that it was considered half as good as April Hunter’s blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my blog and the purpose it serves. I get to write about my exciting wrestling matches, I get to feature some wonderful, beautiful ladies on it and I do have a loyal readership who seem to enjoy reading about what I do.

But, quite frankly, I wish I could write prose as engaging, as thought provoking and as entertaining as April can. For the uninitiated (and there can’t be that many of you if you call yourselves wrestling fans!), April is a pro wrestling legend. As beautiful as she is buff and talented. As well as wrestling, she is a fitness and glamour model – the pictures…

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