14 Things Going on Right Now You Should Know

Originally written September 9, 2021

We’re all tired of 14 days of quarantine turning into two years. We are feared to death with nonstop fight-or-flight life or death threats, which keeps us from accessing the area of the brain we need to make logical, common sense decisions. We are mourning, riddled with anxiety, losing friends, and burned out.

We’re angry, exhausted and not sure who to believe anymore. Worst, we’ve given up and just started to accept whatever we’re being told though corporate owned media companies who can fear or steer us in any direction they wish.  

At this point, there are a few highly dangerous beliefs going around that are STAGGERING and need to be addressed….even from my own circles. I encourage you to search all of this further on a browser that’s not Google and with an added privacy extension.

1. “The vaccine is the only way. Everyone must get there.” Fact: It doesn’t matter if you ARE or ARE NOT. The viral load carried is the same. This is why half the people getting sick or more are vaccinated. Yes, HALF. They give AND get just the same.  This is why the CDC brought masks back regardless of status. This is also why a nearly fully vaccinated Israel is still having outbreaks. Ditto for cruise lines and Naval ships, where every single person is vaccinated and boosted. As of Delta, if there were 5 people in the hospital, 4 were vaccinated. The 1 unvaccinated person had co-morbidities. We didn’t see this on the news because there are booster shots with huge profits to push.

We also didn’t have any new variants until the mass vaccination started. A virus has ONE JOB. To live. It’ll adapt to its host…regardless of status. It typically becomes smarter, more contagious and weaker as it goes on. All these shots are what’s causing the variants. That’s why only 4% of the unvaccinated have the new variant.

YOU…the vaccinated…are the carriers. You are the spreaders as well. If you look at how an mRNA works, you’ll understand this. It’s not a typical adenovirus vaccine, where part of a dead virus is injected in order to stimulate an immune response. With a messenger ribonucleic acid that adheres to your DNA, you take the virus IN first.
This actually isn’t a vaccine at all. It’s a drug – with side effects All drugs come with a long list of side effects, which we see and hear, rattled from the screens on the commercials. But this one…nothing. “100% Safe & Effective.” Alarm bells should be ringing, kids.

And there ARE side effects. They’re being downplayed and dismissed because so much was invested and promised but this isn’t about public health or well being. It takes 30-45 minutes to fill out a VAERS report (Vaccine adverse event reaction) and you must have the vaccine information and batch number, where it was given, and all the specifics. It can’t be faked. It’s estimated that only 1-10% of injuries and deaths are being reported due to hospitals being understaffed, short on time and threatened with loss of license if they DO report. Plus people being in shock over losing loved one to sudden heart or neurological issues…they’re not thinking straight. The actual reported numbers right now are around a million injuries. Doing the math gives us a much bigger picture.

Over 14,000 have died from adverse reactions at this point in time (9/9/21) and Harvard Medical estimates the reports are grossly under-reported with only 1% being submitted to VAERS. 75% of those reports are done by medical professionals. And then the hospital is paid out for that “death by covid” by the government. Feel free to research this.

It’s not like one can report, “Oh, yeah….I reported that I died 12 times last week. How many times did you report?”

How can the CDC possibly study the adverse reactions and track safety data for the rest of us when the issues and deaths are not being reported?

The average age of death and injury in adults is 33 years old. Young, healthy people should not be getting vaccinated. Neither should children or pregnant women. Expectant mothers can’t have a glass of wine or shellfish…but this is “safe”?

Most people are not getting educated. They’re just believing anything they’re told. Unfortunately, misinformation is more often than not called information. And real information is labeled “misinformation.”

A tried and true military tactic to divide and destroy countries from within is to first scatter and confuse.

2. “98% percent of who is in hospitals are unvaccinated.” How do you define unvaccinated? The CDC defines it as someone who IS vaccinated, but for 14 days or less after their second shot. And now, that definition is set to include boosters, too. They also define it as someone who is having an adverse reaction to the vaccine. So…if you die from either covid or a reaction to the vaccination, you are listed as “UNVACCINATED.”  

3. “Apparently people are OK with killing others.” No. No, they are not. Not even a little bit. This is a very detailed explanation that requires an open mind in order to hear AND absorb.

We are a country of LAW, not morals. Setting a medical mandate precedent is dangerous. In the case of the word “personhood”, which was used to convict Scott Peterson on a double murder charge for Lacey Peterson’s fetus, this has now led the way to abolish or roll back abortion.

4. “This is tested and SAFE.” Are you sure? Are you willing to bet your children’s lives on that?

Tell me, what happens in 5 years? 10? 15? Does this cause cancer? If you can answer that, you’re lying. Because even the experts admit they don’t know. Which brings me to…

5. “The FDA approved it!” The head of bioethics at the NIH is married to Dr. Anthony Fauci. The NIH submits its testing to the FDA for approval. It was fast-tracked…plain and simple.

A medication or vaccination takes about 10 years (or longer) to test in order to be proven safe and effective. They have to test on groups, like those who are diabetics, using T therapy, women in menopause or on hormones, etc…they also have to test dosing. They skipped all those very important steps. It’s been less than a year. Please don’t tell others how they should feel, or that they’re stupid or selfish for being cautious. It’s arrogant…and you will not be there to take care of them if things go wrong. Neither will the companies who make this because there’s NO liability. No OSHA accountability. Nothing. So, kindly piss off with the elitist attitudes. Again, research and use something other than corporate censored Google.

The FDA also approved Vioxx. Doctor endorsed cigarettes. The Gardasil vaccine, which ruined so many girls. Accutane. Roundup. DDT. I could go on and on. All of this was safe and backed by science. This brings me to…

6. The Trusted Media Alliance was created a year ago. It’s headquartered right outside of Washington, DC and its members include everyone from BBC to Rolling Stone, Microsoft to Facebook, CNN to Reuters…you get the point. They are given what’s to be said.

Our media is owned by just 6 corporations. Everything you see, read and hear is from these companies. We can be feared and steered in any direction they wish. Even better…these corporates are embedded into our lawmaking. Net Neutrality, anyone?

6a. “What about fact checkers?” I’m glad you asked! FB fact-checking is corporate-owned and traced back to financial investments related to all of this. See above. Snopes is 6 months behind. Reuters, a big offender,  is included in the Media Alliance and has been caught in numerous false statements. Ditto for Facebook “Independent” Fact Checkers, who, when confronted with proof, stops communicating.

And recently, in a court of law, we’ve seen Facebook ADMIT that they’re “fact checking” is simply opinion.

7. “There are no hospital beds left, the unvaccinated shouldn’t be treated!”

How kind. Do we feel this way about diabetics who don’t follow instructions? The obese? Smokers? Alcoholics? Did I just hit all of you? Pretty sure I did. Also, in some areas, yes, there are no beds. But in most areas, there are NO STAFF. Mandates have caused workers to walk out or get fired at the worst possible time. So, everyone in need waits…and waits. Well done, America!

This is why nurses are protesting. It was just dandy for them to work the front lines during the worst time ever with no protection and often, not much for PPE, but now they can’t? How does this makes sense? This is how we value our workers? We toss them away after they went to war for us? I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised…look how we treat our military vets. How we do one thing is how we do everything.

A better question: What have nurses and medical staff seen that makes them willing to walk our or get fired rather than take the jab? 

Why did people have to be paid with donuts and $100 gift cards to get vaccinated? Threatened? Coerced? Forced? Bullied, insulted? This isn’t right.

And what’s shameful as anything…the unvaccinated ARE being pushed to the back of the line, triaged out, untreated or forced to get the shot if they want to be treated. Such coercion could and should create nothing but endless lawsuits. The long term ramifications from this will have quite the fallout and it’ll be expensive.

8. “mRNA has been around for ages!” It was created in the mid ’80’s but it was never perfected and it certainly wasn’t intended to be tested on healthy people. The animals tested did develop antibodies at first…then later, they all died. Their immune systems failed.

We pay for our drinking water, which was free. We pay for TV, which was free. Why wouldn’t we expect Big Pharma to strip us of our immune systems, then sell it back to us? If our well being was their concern, GMO foods, which are banned as toxic in other countries, would be banned here, too. But we’re continually fed frankenfoods loaded with corn syrup, soy, chemicals and fillers…and the American Medical Association and Pharma companies are in bed together. Meanwhile we have a For Profit healthcare while America corporations outsource overseas for workers who have universal healthcare for cheaper labor and no healthcare costs to cut their bottom line.

Disease…the one thing that’s truly Made In America.

10. “The vaccine is 90% effective. Immune systems and natural immunity is is far less.” Wrong. So wrong. AP Press put this out (Yet another slave to The Trusted Media Alliance) and it was picked up all over. It’s a complete lie. The doctors and virologists speaking out are being SILENCED and deplatformed. Since when has that ever happened? Licensed professionals en masse being shut out?

If you’ve had covid, your immune system is 99.99% immune to every variant. The vaccine, clearly, is not. That’s why so many are getting sick. That’s ALSO why science is using antibodies from those who have had it to treat those with it…quite successfully, too.

Additionally, it’s why proof of antibodies is accepted in some areas that are mandating in lieu of cards, such as the metropolitan area of Tampa Bay. You probably should NOT take a shot if you’ve had covid. Artificial antibodies will override your natural immune system and only stop one variant, leaving you exposed to other versions as we have seen with delta.

Generally, you cannot get covid twice…unless you are vaccinated. The mRNA vaccine can actually turn on our own immune systems, leaving us vulnerable to something simple and doing a lot of damage.

You’re probably noticing a lot more heart failure, heart attacks, intestinal clots, neurological issues, spinal problems, leukemia, aneurysms, seizures, pancreatic issues, diabetes, clotting (not just J&J – all of them have the spike protein which causes clotting when it comes into contact with platelets), miscarriages in the first trimester, birth defects…and the hospitals are not reporting anything because “we can’t be sure it was caused by the vaccine.” They’re also fobbing people off as having anxiety when they’re having real side effects because they’re allegedly being told not to deal with it.

And then there’s the deadly remdesivir said to cause the deaths in the hospitals, the experimental use drug not being talked about that’s being used to treat covid. Staff have nicknamed the medication “Run Death Is Near.” It’s linked to pneumonia and organ shut downs, among other issues. Many suspect that covid isn’t killing patients (customers), this medication is.

There’s more to this, but I’ll leave it at that. Do your own research.

This virus has an extraordinarily high survival rate. Once again, typically, viruses weaken and adapt to their hosts over time…regardless of vaccinated status. They become more contagious, but much less damaging. We are seeing this now.

11. “Idiots are using horse dewormer!” The creator of Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize and it’s been used for over 25 years for viruses like Zika and malaria with blazing success. It’s currently being used in about 30% of the world now who doesn’t have a contract with Pfizer. (See Media Alliance.) IVM was created specifically for viruses and they found a secondary effect of de-worming, so it had another revenue stream. Kind of like how Viagra was created to treat high blood pressure and angina but is also used for erections as a secondary effect. Boner! Erm…Bonus!

Parts of India are now completely covid-free. What’s unusual is that these areas are unvaccinated and they include Ivermectin in every home kit.

Some countries are suing the WHO for reckless endangerment and crimes against humanity for false claims against Ivermectin. Dipali Ojha, a human rights advocate, accused the WHO and Dr. Swaminathan as having misled and misguided the Indian people throughout the pandemic from mask wear to exonerating China as to the virus’s origins. In a quote to The Indian Bar brief, a peer-reviewed publication, Ojaha accused the WHO of being complicit in a vast disinformation campaign.

Ojaha to the WHO: “The  world is gradually waking up to your absurd, arbitrary and fallacious  approach in presenting concocted facts as ‘scientific approach.’ While  the WHO flaunts itself like a ‘know it all,’ it is akin to the vain  Emperor in new clothes while the entire world has realized by now, the  Emperor has no clothes at all.”

Reaction from the general public to another medication that can save lives with hostility, anger, and the need to discredit it is absolutely stupefying to me. How very childish. We should be THRILLED there are more options to save people.

Or, is all of this “we need everyone to be safe” just a lie? We don’t care about others? We don’t care if there are more options to save them? That’s what it looks like to me.

We just care about validation for our OWN personal choices and have the need to “WIN.” What are we winning by shitting on everything and everyone? People should be ashamed of themselves. What I’m seeing regarding behavior is utterly disgusting.

This is NOT how civilized, decent human beings act.

If you’re not aware of the beatings and shootings happening all over Australia, because it’s been blocked from our news, please watch. Twitter has some of the mass protests going on from all over the world…and they’re huge. Australia also shut the internet off recently, just like Cuba. If you *think* this isn’t coming to your country, you are delusional. Just like so many thought covid wasn’t coming. Get prepared. Australia stupidly gave up their weapons. An armed society is a polite society.

12. “I blame every single unvaccinated person for this.” That’s the most ignorant and *hateful* thing I’ve ever heard. Turning on your friends and family is horrific, especially when we need them the most right now. Hate and divide aren’t the way. Keeping that going is playing into the manipulation and divide. Everyone should be standing together.

13. “I don’t want to end up dead or on a ventilator.” Well, you likely won’t. This is affecting people like a bad flu.  Or less. That’s about it for the overwhelming majority regardless of status.

Practicing doctors and nurses – with licenses intact – are being discredited and taken offline for speaking out. They’re being threatened, silenced, called “misinformants”.

Why would someone speak out and risk everything…their lives, their livelihood and income, the safety of their families…with nothing to gain?

Remember Sinead O’Connor speaking out about how priests were sexually abusing children? America’s response was to ban her from performing from this country and trash her records. Twenty years later, it turns out that priests were indeed sexually abusing children. TWENTY YEARS worth of children were sexually abused and destroyed because we were so arrogant and defensive that we did not even entertain listening.

History repeats itself. And have we ever apologized to O’Connor? Nope.

What we are NOT talking about: Obesity.

This virus tends to stick to the adipose tissue, which are fat cells. The more of those we have, the more at risk we are. Those who tend to end up dead or on ventilators are usually overweight and struggling with other issues called “co-morbidities”…things that may kill them in the long run. Covid (or remdesiver) exacerbates this and speeds up the process.

That said, NOW is a great time to take charge of your health and learn how to raise your immune system. If you search through my blogs, there are several with guiding you through healthy lifestyle choices. Managing stress is also a big one. Obesity should be protected and helped. It happens to people…usually through unhealthy coping techniques or injury. That’s why it’s called “comfort food.” I believe our lack of affordable mental health care leads many down this path and we need to fix our health care system. Other countries with universal care don’t have the obesity problem America does. They have access to mental health care.

14. If you have to write in code or can’t question science for fear of being shadow-banned or deplatformed in a country where free speech is part of our Constitution…your Spidey senses should be tingling.  This is a huge red flaming flag.

Our children are no longer being subjected to things like DDT because someone questioned the science.“Trust the science” is the most anti science thing someone could say. Science has always welcomed being questioned.

If you can’t question the science, it’s not science. It’s propaganda.

Follow The Money > “Trust the science.”

We must ask ourselves how a government can ethically continue to enforce medical mandates with a medication that was rushed through in a few short months which clearly isn’t effective, has no liability, holds false claimed of being “safe”, and not a single expert can tell us what to expect long term.

Personal disclaimer: I’ve had plenty of vaccinations in my lifetime. I’ve never voted Republican. I have no party affiliation. There’s no reason to politicize ANY of this.

-There’s more, but I’ll leave it at this. I’ve spent thousands of hours researching this since January of 2020. I warned many back then it was coming. I’ve warned people all along the way, and been called just about everything nasty for it. But I’ve been correct. I have reached out and spoken with a lot of experts…medical professionals from all over, virologists, scientists, military people.

I’ve seen horrible things hurled at those who put out inconvenient facts which are labeled “disinformation.” I can no longer sit back and publish things privately. We are in a crisis, a cold war. We are witnessing segregation and dare I say, genocide. Time will tell on this. It always does. But it may be too late by the time we realize the damage and loss.

Those who know and do nothing are just as complicit as those who are doing the wrong. Too many are on the wrong side of history right now. Right now we need to stand together and stop with the divide and hate. It’s VITAL. I hope you will heed my words. We all do what we feel keeps us safe. That’s how we come to the decision we are making. We are all on the same page with this aspect. But it’s time to say NO to what’s going on, to take a stand.

We do not ever get rights back that were taken from us. And we will be mandated into shot after shot just to put food on our tables or go see a concert if we don’t stand up. It will never end.

Please stop viewing others as the enemy. When we *all* give and get this virus equally regardless of status…this means we are all on the same playing field.

I encourage you to research further using Firefox and a browser extension like Duck Duck Go.

Love to all of you. Go outside for a walk, find peace.

For more science, watch this:

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee with MIT – 9/17/2021

VIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFph7-6t34M

Join the FDA for a Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting to discuss Pfizer-BioNTech’s supplemental Biologics License Application for administration of a third dose, or “booster” dose, of the COVID-19 vaccine, Comirnaty, in individuals 16 years of age and older.

8 hours of scientists, doctors, and virologists from all over the world weighing in on booster shots and their new evidence regarding what they’ve seen. Each speaker gets 3 minutes.

Summation: NO BOOSTERS. Not safe. And neither is the vaccine. More trials need to be done. Watch for yourself. 

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