To Vegetarian or Not To Vegetarian? (Plus, Renovation Woes.)

Some have asked me about this fitness related subject, so I figured I’ll answer it here, too. Would everyone benefit from eating more raw veggies? Of course.

Should everyone be a vegetarian? Of course NOT.

ApplestoOrangesSome have asked me about this fitness related subject, so I figured I’ll answer it here, too. Would everyone benefit from eating more raw veggies? Of course.

Should everyone be a vegetarian? Of course NOT.

Vegetarianism is something that people seem to think is “the way”. Or they feel guilty because they can’t do it. Thing is, it’s not meant for everyone. That’s not me trying to make people feel good; it’s a fact. What I mean is this: not one diet (eating way of life) works for everyone. Some do very well as vegetarians. They are mostly of the blood type A and AB. These two types are more evolved, so there are far less people with this blood. If a blood type O tried to be a vegan, they would probably get very sick-or die. Type O people have a lot of stomach acid (which is meant to break heavier foods down), so they need meat and fat. They are best on a Paleo diet, which is one full of fish and meat. If they don’t eat correctly, the acid will cause problems.

Type A blood has little stomach acid, so meat is difficult for them to process. If they do eat meat, they get all kinds of digestion issues. I’m type O; I can lose weight on bacon, avocado and burgers, but have to avoid the buns and potatoes. (Naturally, bread is my kryptonite.) These are just simpler examples to help people understand. It gets much deeper, with lectins, etc. But it’s also why you don’t have to feel guilty for not being a vegetarian (aside from the fact that you were given meat-eating teeth), nor does anyone have a right to feel superior because they don’t eat “flesh”. (Although I kind of ‘get it’ when I see those horrific factory farming videos.)

Example of where our food comes from: The Truth About Factory Farming

Every American should watch some of these videos. We vote with our dollar$, so choose wisely, as every action causes a reaction. The one we don’t want is more sick food, factory farms and sick people. I am clearly not saying “don’t eat meat”. I am advising people to make conscious choices when choosing their food; know where it comes from and how it was raised. Local. Organic. 

Exceptions to the eat-for-your-type rule: people who are battling certain illnesses, like cancer or Crohns. I highly recommend as much a raw green vegetarian diet as possible. One that neutralizes PH levels, so little to no fruit. When the body is fighting something and trying to heal, giving it the right tools are imperative. Easy digestion also allows its limited energy to go where it needs to be focused. (Gerson Diet.) There are always exceptions to every rule…except for driving too slowly in the passing lane.

Blood-type-diet-chartIf you don’t know your blood type, there are inexpensive testing kits available. However, most people probably have an inkling of where they fall. If you listen to your body, you innately know what you feel good after eating and what agrees with you.

If you eat right for YOU 80% of the time (80/20 rule), you’ll look better, feel better and likely avoid or cure yourself of annoying health issues without really being restricted at all. No matter WHAT you are eating, be sure to pick quality over quantity and know where your food is coming from. Hopefully, not packaged or factory farm. Icky! And, really, really bad for you and your family.

Remember this – (and watch a few YouTube expose’ videos on various farms, such as Perdue chicken and Smithfield pork) – we get our energy from what we eat. If we’re taking in sick and infected calories, how can we possibly be well?  If you want to feel good and be healthy, take in good and healthy food. Pay a little more for clean meats and veggies on the front end, or pay a lot more for damages created on the back end. It’s a choice. Good luck!

20150620_171810On a side note, with the rental market being so great right now, I’ve decided to lease my little townhouse, which is paid for. I’m in a neat, historic part of Clearwater, Florida and rentals are in high demand. I’ve been careful about my credit and was able to get a house (with a pool! No more kids splashing my books or smokers ruining the supposed “zen” that community pools don’t provide) about 10 minutes away with a monthly payment slightly LESS than my rental will bring in. It just seemed like a smart thing to do. My grandfather always said to invest in real estate; it’s a non renewable source and this world certainly isn’t getting any less populated.

The caveat: I bought a fixer-upper. I loved renovating my villa and wanted to do that to make it truly mine. Plus, the only way I can afford something in a decent area is to go that route.  I *thought* I was getting a minor fixer upper at a good price in a great neighborhood.

Once the sellers (who didn’t have a real estate agent and were complete jacked off asshats to deal with) vacated and we 20150620_172015closed, I learned there were many more issues to deal with than just wiring and bringing it up to date. The husband had fancied himself a handyman and pretty much half-assed everything he touched. It all has to be adjusted, ripped out or just replaced, from floor to fireplace, pool lining to closets, bath vanities to appliances. The house was built in 1985 and most of it is still in 1985. The one one bathroom has a that classic long, yellow (-ish) vanity and an awesome wood grain toilet seat. I was quite sad to see that go.  

Just one sample of MANY badly done baseboards done by the contractor. They all have to be ripped out.

When I say everything needs replacing, I mean everything. Hinges. Doors. Appliances. Electric and light plates, which are brownish from age. Kick ass pool-table-green carpeting in every room…and bonus! Outside in the pool area, too! Speaking of, the pool lining was absolutely shot, along with cracked tile. Landscaping. Cleaning. Hauling away the former owners large trash items they couldn’t be bothered to clean out. (They did leave a swanky fondue set I found at the very top of a cupboard I was sanitizing.) Closet doors. That in itself was a shocking expense. The entire place has those old, 8-foot bi-fold metal doors, most of which don’t stay on their tracks. 8-foot doors aren’t made any longer, so this means I have to have headers put in every room and hallway to get 6-foot wood doors. 


To make matters worse, one of the contractor crews screwed up a lot. They put the flooring in wrong, broke door frames, messed up the baseboards and gouged the hardwood floor they’d just put in.

Additionally, the headers they’d built were a) the wrong size and b) not secured. They will closetcrack or fall down if a closet door is hung. I haven’t been able to get them to refund me (they wanted “pay as we go”) or cover damages. I haven’t gotten any response from them at all, except that they believe they are “still owed” for labor. I wish there was room for all the photos here. I could probably do a better job than these guys with a YouTube tutorial and a one-day class at Home Depot. 

All the door frames were cracked in every area they laid flooring.

Not only is everything they touched screwed up, there is actually more damage now than when they started. My other contractor (who was was doing things they don’t, like paint and had worked for me on my villa) told me some of the things he saw them do-and it’s been heartbreaking.

Between the sellers and the contractor, the amount of arrogant fucktards in denial about how shitty their work/attitude is stuns me. I also didn’t get an apology from anybody. I handled things well and stayed calm. (I’m on the good meds now.) Note: saying “I am sorry” goes a long way, as does “thank you” in life. Some people were raised; others just grew up. My (amazing) real estate agent (Marcia Simeone – highly recommend in the Tampa Bay area) was the only thing that kept me from gpong on a murdering spree in quite a few situations. I believe I said, “FUCK THEM. Seriously. FUCK. THEM!” more than normal. Which is a lot. 

Everything about this house has been a nightmare so far. I am praying that changes soon. f11703564_707623732704435_2388528644868639561_o

I have my hands full and it’s been stressful. I tend to cry over frustration more than anything else and many tears have been shed. I unwillingly liquidated much of my parents fund that they left me. My renters are in August 1st, and I am just now getting new people to start working on it, along with doing many things myself.

I am exhausted.  Emotionally, physically…I am just tired. With time running out. (And money.)

The OTHER crew is doing a great job.

My day goes something like this: I head to the house. Work. Clean. Because they left it a dump and I have no idea how to dispose of the large trash items, such as random sheets of wood, garage shelves of stuff, stacks of (icky) cement pavers or giant cases of aquarium light bulbs. I come home, sweaty, dirty and gross and take a shower. Eat. Try to answer a few emails. Walk the dog and feed the cat. Go to bed. This project has been consuming everything lately, as I’m on a deadline. If I had any money left over, I’d invest in Juan Valdez, because with the amount of coffee I am drinking, it would be nice to receive a little profit at the end of the year.  With perfect timing, I also got my hospital bills from the wasp sting. $671.85 for a 5 minute ambulance ride? Excellent. They should have at least served me Starbucks. A big-ass fancy latte, not some shitty plain coffee.

On the plus, I did something I’ve wanted to do for ages: I bought a shed. Not just a shed, but a little ‘cabin’ shed. which will11180616_704193259714149_8851304696955120766_n be my writing area. If I’m putting money into something, I’ll make sure I use it. I’ll get a tiny table for a desk, portable air conditioner, ceiling fan, mini fridge and coffee maker – and no internet in there. It’ll be heaven. I have a difficult time writing at home with all the distractions. I always feel like I should be cleaning, working or returning emails. Then there’s Facebook and Twitter…shutting all that out should help. Expect my first masterpiece a year after moving. Or beat me about the head and shoulders at the first appearance you see me after that date.

I didn’t want to be a wrestler when I grew up. I wanted to be a writer. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil, yet I’ve never gone anywhere with it like I know I could if I truly applied myself. It’s disappointing. And I’m tired of disappointing myself.

On a side note, If you feel like spoiling a ginger, this is my awesome and sexy housewarming Amazon wishlist…if you find pool cleaning stuff, door handles and mini fridges sexy. I sure do. 😉

Xo! April

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Instagram: @realaprilhunter

Trying hard to stay strong and keep smiling. It’s all really wearing on me.

Photos: Top (fitness) Kelly Oneill

Bottom (Shine Wrestling outfit) Carmine Warren


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8 thoughts on “To Vegetarian or Not To Vegetarian? (Plus, Renovation Woes.)”

  1. I stopped eating red meat on account of the discovery that it contains a sugar called neu65 that causes inflammation that could lead to cancer. I still indulge in fish and chicken though.


    1. If that works for you, awesome. Not sure I’m on board with the theory for several reasons, but mostly because people have been eating red meat since the day we hit Earth and most of us have been OK.
      Grass fed beef also contains fat burning amino acids you can’t get from anything else, among other things.
      I believe it’s been said we ALL have cancer cells in us. Nothing specifically “gives you cancer”. (Or as some say, “everything gives you cancer”.) It’s a matter of lifestyle as to whether or not those cells grow. Most people don’t realize that 90% of cancer is from their own lifestyle choices. I’m betting the medical industry prefers that we stay in the dark about that, too.


      1. By that theory, if your mom is obese and your father is fat, then I guess your “genetics” are to be fat as well, yes? There’s NOTHING you can do about it.
        Sorry. I call bullshit.
        Daily habits matter more than genetics.
        My aunt is a doctor. A University of Penn doctor at that, and this information that I printed is directly from consulting with her, as well as my own nutrition certification.
        Additionally, the National Cancer Institute confirms what stated:
        “Genetics : Cancer results from changes to genes that control the way cells grow and divide. A small number of cancers are caused by inherited genetic changes, but most cancer-causing changes occur during a person’s life. (IE: ones lifestyle choices.) Genetic testing is available for possible inherited mutations as well as for alterations that are found in tumors themselves.”

        Red meat is linked to cancer, I’m sure. So are these things:
        Baby powder
        Low levels of vitamin D (not enough sun)
        Too much sun
        artificial sweeteners
        Food dyes
        Chewing gum
        Vegetable herbicides
        High proteins diets
        artificial turf
        fish and fish oils

        That’s just a partial list.
        Red meat is actually very low on that list.

        Like I said, if that works for you, fine. But don’t preach it as gospel, because it’s not. Too many people tend to do exactly that without any credentials or education to back it up. They merely repeat what they’re told or hear on news without bothering to do any real research. Without this, it’s just an opinion.

        Humans existed on a hunter/gatherer diet since the dawn of time and that’s what most should still be eating. Not cereal, pasta, soda or processed crap that comes from a package. This is the stuff that kills you. Not meat.
        I agree with you about being more educated and enlightened. It’s kind of shocking how many aren’t…or don’t care. We eat all day long. We feed our families. It’s staggering that people don’t give a shit what they’re putting into their bodies…and even more staggering when they’re surprised they have a serious or deadly illness down the road after years of abuse and shoveling in toxins.
        My mom was one of these people. She died…and it was a 3 year, dragged out, painful death from cancer and chemo. I had tried for ages to get her on board with how I eat. I failed.


  2. April, you’re obviously a firm believer in the Blood Type Diet. From what little I’ve read about it, the science jury still seems to be out and more clinical trials are called for.
    I’m interested in what has made you such a firm believer? Is it what you’ve felt on your own body, what you’ve seen in others, what you’ve read?
    I’m not a disbeliever, just curious. 🙂


    1. Hi-Yep, definitely think it works and makes sense. A bunch of us decided to try it, all models and wrestlers. Every one of us had great luck in both how we looked and clearing up health issues.

      With anything, ‘science’ in something that works and makes you healthier will always be made out to be controversial. We profit from illness not wellness. We also profit heavily in selling across-the-board diets for everyone. Which clearly, as history has proved time and time again, doesn’t work. There’s very little REAL and quality information available for Americans unless the person does their own research. Most information is nothing other than fads and sales pitches.

      That’s why I do these blogs. To put information out there for free that really works. It’s always amusing to me how people who aren’t healthy and don’t look good argue with me about it. (Not saying you are…I do fit tips on Twitter and never fail to get arguments about what I’ve suggested.)

      Generally, I’ve been doing “lifestyle changes” for people for about twenty years with much success in training them how to eat right, feel better, get healthy and look good. I have an extremely stellar record in this department.

      But as always, you can “lead the horse to water, but not make it drink”. It is what it is. People are largely in denial about doing the work and making changes. They don’t want to hear certain things. What they wish they could do doesn’t usually equate to any real result…and effort doesn’t count. Only results do.


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